About us

Petals Creative Services

Agency. Design Studio. Creative Arts.


We are a small team of highly skilled individuals with experience in Advertising and Marketing in the retail and fashion sector. We know what it takes to transform the retail dream to reality. We are a passionate bunch, obsessed with seeing results in what we do.

Creativity with a purpose

Our creativity is not just about creating that good impression. Its about being effective and driving a point.

Our strengths lie in our ability to integrate your marketing communications strategy to every customer touch point. Be it your traditional ATL communications, to digital, to your retail store. We are able to tell your story effectively and drive the response you desire.

We work with you not just for you.

Perhaps the key difference in us is how we work. We want to help you and your business make that step change and deliver effecting advertising and marketing. So to do this, we may have to broaden our scope from doing a campaign to setting up the whole process within your business. From setting KPIs, working a mid-long term marketing communications plan, to setting up your meetings and ways of working for effective marcom delivery, we do it all.

Marketing Project Management

We approach Project Management differently. We understand that sometimes, you cant manage a project from an off-site location. That’s why we customize our approaches based on your requirements. From working full time on site, to managing projects at special locations, we do it all. We will help you setup the team, agree on the KPIs, set mile stones, and conduct weekly to periodic reviews until the project is delivered.

Setting the creative approach

Do your consumers get confused with the messages they get from you? Or perhaps they don’t see your business in its true light.

We can help clear that confusion and develop a whole new creative approach in communicating to your customers. From developing what you say to them, to how you say it, to developing your brand delivery manual.

Campaign creatives

All our creatives are developed to achieve something. Perhaps its to drive perception or it is to drive a sale. This is why our approach is to develop a creative approach for a full campaign. From in-store creatives, POSM that sells, tabloids, outdoor communications, and ATL communications, we deliver creatives to hit every customer touch point in his/her buying journey.


We are always available for agency collaborations and discussions. If you want to chat about any advertising or design related work, don’t hesitate in reaching out.